Mirsari is a mentionable historical place of Chittagong district .

It is the entrance of Chittaging district on the road way. That’s why it is called as

Gate way of Chittagong”.map.. (1)

Mirsarai was a part of  “Horical”  sub-kingdom .

From long time it was  ruled by Arkan’s, Tripura, Gorh and sultan of Sonargong,king of Mursidabad, East India company and at last by Pakistan according to ascending of  time.

It was a center area of many historical blood war’s.

At the past, Mirsarai was named byNizampur” and Nizampur was included with Mirsarai and  some area  of Sitakundo.

Zafrabad was the capital of Nizampur.

During the mission of  Mogol army at Chittagong, a man who’s name was Alpha  hossain, he helped the Mogol army by supporting money, solder  and war ship.He was a merchant .

At the same time ,a pious man lived in Nizampur. His name was Mir Goffer.

A Soraikhana (Soraikhana means,a rest house where any one can stay for  a while whitout any cost) also situated there at the same time.

Alpha  Hossain developed this soraikhana then before.

Huge number of Fokir (Fokir ,define as a different type of pious man) came to Mir Goffer.That’s why this place was known as  Fokir Hat.But earlier later it had been  changed.

Name of this place converted to Mirsarai by the name of  Mir shabe soraikhana .

Mir” from Mir Goffer and “Sarai” from soraikhana.

Now it’s name is Mirsarai.